Multicriteria Decision Aid: Some Remarks on the Behaviour of PROMETHEE Methods


  • Zhor Chergui



In this paper, we study the sensitivity of PROMETHEE family methods using different versions of Independence property. In particular, we analyse the strangeness of each type of relation (ie. Indifference, Preference and Incomparability) between two given alternatives in the overall ranking. On this basis, we establish relevant rules and mathematical conditions upon which PROMETHEE family methods keep their original ranking. In case of change, we propose post-optimality study and enquiries allowing to expect the new relation between the alternatives while avoiding to reapply the method used. In addition, the intervals of stability of each relation are extracted accordingly, this can provide a sharp overview of the eventual action to undertake and its impact upon the overall ranking. The efficiency of the results is showed using numerical data among what two are real-life cases. Indeed, the first one describes the project of ranking alternatives for the selection of electric buses while the second one defines the problem of scheduling decision making within mechanical workshop for tracks construction. (Abstract)




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Zhor Chergui. (2023). Multicriteria Decision Aid: Some Remarks on the Behaviour of PROMETHEE Methods. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 72(1), 1544–1559.