Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications

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The Mathematical and Research Society is a private non-stock and non-profit foundation. It was also registered for the purpose of supporting research activities as a foundation for scientific advancement.

The Mathematical and Research Society envisions to be a nationally and globally recognized society of statisticians and allied professionals committed to advancing the statistics profession and to promoting sound statistical science for the welfare of all Filipinos and the entire humanity.

The Mathematical and Research Society is tasked to:
  • Uplift and advance the statistics profession;
  • Encourage and promote the proper application and interpretation of statistics in all fields of learning and endeavors;
  • Work for the improvement of statistical literacy and education at all levels;
  • Serve the public by providing advice on current statistical issues and concerns.

As envisioned by its founders and adhered to by generations of members thereafter, the Mathematical and Research Society is committed to the following objectives:
  • To foster statistics and its application in the broadest manner;
  • To promote unity and effectiveness of effort among all concerned with statistical problems;
  • To increase the contribution of statistics to human welfare.

Regular Activities of the Mathematical and Research Society
  • Annual Training for Members
  • Mathematical and Research Society Publications – Mathematical and Research Society Newsletter, The Mathematical and Research Society website
  • Conferences/Workshops/Symposia
  • Monthly Executive Committee Meetings
  • Quarterly Board Meetings
  • Working Committee Meetings
  • Annual Meeting and Christmas Party
  • Consultancy