Windows Based AI-Voice Assistant System using GTTS


  • Mohammed Fahad, Asma Akbar, Saniya Fathima, Mohammed Abdul Bari



Artificial intelligence has had a significant impact on how people live their lives in a novel and unusual way and One of these advances is the Voice Based Assistant. Similarly, like a “chatbot” which takes the users command analyses it and return the corresponding action or task given by the user in the form of a text command. A chatbot can be described as software that communicates with people using Artificial Intelligence. Voice based Assistant is a Laptop and Desktop software which can perform an Individual user’s tasks or Services according to the instruction/command given by the user. But it communicates with the user with Voice as the input and responds with the corresponding action/Task with voice over of the action being performed. Everything in the twenty-first century is automated, including items we use every day like browsing YouTube, sending messages, creating files, fetching information, and opening applications of a pc with a single click using Voice based Assistant all of these can be controlled via the voice of the user without even need to go and physically doing the task or manually doing certain task. The three steps that make up the process are pre-processing, categorization, and feature extraction. Desktop voice assistants are applications that understand and react to human voices using integrated voice systems with the appropriate reaction or task execution.




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Mohammed Fahad, Asma Akbar, Saniya Fathima, Mohammed Abdul Bari. (2023). Windows Based AI-Voice Assistant System using GTTS. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 72(1), 1572–1580.