Arduino Based System to Prevent Vehicle Accidents


  • Gunji Pradeep, Kalikaya Srikanth, Varakala Sai Kumar


This process of systems will ensure us safety and protect us by commanding on the speed of the vehicle. In order to protect the vehicle, we use blinking sensors, smoke sensors (MQ2), ultrasonic sensors and other sensors. If any vehicle suddenly hits the road and the vehicle applies the brakes, the system will control the speed and prevent accidents. It likewise alerts the driver, and it demonstrates the driver when they are going to sleep mode during driving. These all sensors take the data from surrounding and send to the microcontroller (ATmega328P) and this microcontroller takes the action automatically. With the help of an IR sensor, we will monitor the driver’s eyes. If any short-circuit occurs in parts of the engine, then a smoke sensor will detect it randomly and alert mode will be on for the driver and stop the vehicle. The presence of an Ultrasonic sensor detects the speed of the vehicle and simultaneously decreases the speed to zero. We call it “ARDUINO BASED SYSTEM TO PREVENT VEHICLE ACCIDENTS”




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