Investigation of the Critical Factors Influencing Low-Cost Green Sustainable Housing Projects in Iraq


  • Baraa Saab Mallooki Alfahad, Saad Farhan Ibrahim Alabdullah, Mushtaq Ahmad



Iraq oil rich country is in the condition of economic chaos and confronting an intense scarcity for the low-cost housing in the capital as migration from the surrounding cities flooded where country poor economic condition has pushed the housing price hiked in cities. Therefore, this study is conducted with aims to determine critical factors affecting the affordable housing in Iraq. Quantitative study consisting close ended questionnaire of four sections cover all critical factors and randomly distributed questionnaire among the construction industry players to determine the objectives of the study. The questionnaire was translated into Arabic/local language so the every responded understand the questions, total distributed questionnaire is 175 and in response 134 received and data is analysed using SPSS software. Study findings shows that sustainable land management, easy and low interest rate loan arrangement to overcome on the financial constraints are the critical problem followed by unsteady or interpreted supply of construction materials, pricing control significantly help to keep lower the cost of affordable housing. Study also concluded that smaller size houses are no longer the key barriers of acceptance to the Iraqi community. Thus, study strongly recommend government stakeholders to develop framework and properly manage the land for housing purpose. Lastly, steady supply chain management for all the essential construction materials such as steel, technology, cement, electrical and sanitary appliance also control the pricing so low-cost housing dream of the people become true.




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Saad Farhan Ibrahim Alabdullah, Mushtaq Ahmad, B. S. M. A. (2022). Investigation of the Critical Factors Influencing Low-Cost Green Sustainable Housing Projects in Iraq. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 71(2), 310–329.