A Hybrid Framework based on IoT and Blockchain Network to Store the Patient Health Data


  • Sharda Tiwari, Dr. Namrata Dhanda, Dr. Harsh Dev, Digesh Pandey




Healthcare industry constantly faces many issues such as patient data access, drug storage log, medical records, or logs these are only a few of the many problems hospitals and other medical institutions must deal with. Healthcare industry must balance patient care with information privacy, security. The healthcare industry faces major issues like, putting the patient at the center, privacy and access, completeness of medical information, cost, supply chain management, drug records. Medical record keeping has evolved into a science of itself, even though the traditional method of storing data over a centralized database can be harmful as mentioned in the sections above, it can be prone to hacking or even a single point failure. Another issue with storing medical data in these databases is that, when these databases need an update in software all the servers are temporally down until the updates are finished. This small window can lead to be very lethal as healthcare is a 24/7 work. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are being touted as the “solution” to problems in many different, disparate sectors throughout multiple industries. In this paper the goal is to identify blockchain technology applications in healthcare industry by conduction a systematic literature based on which a framework will be proposed. The promise of blockchain extends into the healthcare industry allowing a transformation of the current system and its use of information technology.




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Dr. Harsh Dev, Digesh Pandey, S. T. D. N. D. (2022). A Hybrid Framework based on IoT and Blockchain Network to Store the Patient Health Data. Mathematical Statistician and Engineering Applications, 71(2), 330–339. https://doi.org/10.17762/msea.v71i2.91